Industrial Use

Industrial uses include Fire lines, Heat Exchangers, Water Towers and Steel Bridge Structures. SR-17’s “Spray Stick and Stay” formula is ideal for all outside applications. Lead Based Paint, no problem SR-17 converts the lead into Lead Phosphate preventing the lead from leaching into the environment.

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Skunk Rust


Commercial Use

Commercial applications are Ship/Boat/Dredge rust pacification before painting, Sand Blast Flash Rust elimination, Commercial Air Conditioning drip pans, Steel Power line Poles, and Automobile Radiator/Engine Flush.

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What is Skunk Rust?

“Skunk Rust” is a rust de-oxidizing primer that not only stops rust on contact but will consume all ferric oxide while producing a toothy structure which will double paint adhesion. It is new and improved with rust activated chemicals.



Skunk Rust is a water-based, electrochemical, product that removes soluble salts and reacts with ferric oxide to produce an abrasion resistant and electrically inert surface. Skunk Rust performs these functions by creating an iron phosphate surface, which becomes part of the substrate and resists scrapes, scratches, and de-lamination. Repeated use of Skunk Rust will enhance the above qualities of the surface, while still retaining its flexibility. This flexibility allows the surface to bend or twist with the underlying substrate, while retaining its insulating properties. Once the desired surface has been achieved, paint can be applied directly to the treated surface, as washing/rinsing is not required.


Keith Warren (Utah)

“Craig wanted to let you know my story. I purchased a gallon from you over a year ago, for a car project that was just media blasted. I sprayed most of the fenders and hoods with your product. They did start to turn to a strange color over time but when you wiped the color away the rust had stopped. Surface rust had started even a year ago. I still had quite a bit left for the other pieces I didnt spray. They had really started to rust pretty well. I waited for a warm day, took all the pieces out in the sun and sprayed them down. With in hours they looked good as new!! I will spray primer on them soon, before it starts to get cold here (utah). I may need to order another gallon for the body. I really appreciate your product and cant uderstand why it isn’t sold everywhere. thanks again,”

Keith Warren

Jason Podd (Chesapeake, VA)

“Craig, I purchased four gallons from you last year that I used to prep my work tug for painting. The product performed as you said and we painted the tug a few days later. The tug is working in the Lynnhaven River and the paint looks great. Please contact me, I need to order four more gallons.“

Jason Podd
President of Town Point Tug and Barge

Elizabeth (Farmington Hills, Michigan)

“In September 2015, I purchased a used car that had not been driven for 2 1/2 years. After I got the car home, I decided to flush the radiator. I was horrified when the contents of the radiator came out dark brown mud-like sludge. I’d never seen a radiator so full of junk. I went to my local auto parts store and they recommended Blue Devil radiator flush. I tried it twice and my radiator was still flushing out brown mud. I flushed and flushed with water but it wasn’t coming clean. In desperation, I went onto You Tube and typed in rusty dirty radiator. One of the videos that came up was SKUNKRUST. I’d never heard of it before but I liked the video so i thought I’d give it a try. I bought SKUNKRUST and followed the directions not knowing what to expect. If it didn’t work for me, I had decided I was going to sell the car. Well, to my pleasant surprise, the SKUNKRUST worked! My radiator was flushing out clean as a whistle! I now recommend SKUNKRUST everywhere I go. It is truly a wonderful product! Craig said it would work and it did! Thanks a million, Craig! Your product saved me a lot of grief.”

Farmington Hills, Michigan