Car Restorations & Lawn Furniture

Car Restorations

SR-17 and Skunk Rust are good for areas you can’t sandblast like, rocker panels, quarter panels, and firewalls. SR-17 and Skunk Rust stop the rusting process by converting the rust into iron phosphate then both products will dry into a crystalline structured coating that is electrically inert. Once the electrical activity is stopped the rusting process is stopped. Just apply the product and let it dry, that’s it. The hotter and more humid the environment the faster these products work.

Lawn Furniture

These are pictures of some outdoor furniture that is starting to rust. Apply SR-17 to this surface to eliminate the rust and prep the surface for a fresh coat of paint. All you must do is apply SR-17 and let it dry.
You must make sure it is dry before painting. Minimum wait time 48 hours but you can wait over two weeks or two months, once SR-17 is dry it can not be pressured washed away.